Wear your heart on your sleeve... and a swear on your chest.

Cute Font offer a range of t-shirts designed to reveal a hidden message when worn under layers such as open jackets or shirts.

How it Works
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Cute Font: how we put swears on your chest

Welcome to Cute-Font.com! This initial post is designed for first-time visitors, and anyone else in need of a little orientation.


Part One: What’s this about hidden messages?

Every t-shirt we design has two ‘faces’. The first face is the innocent face, and it is what most people see when you wear the t-shirt with nothing covering it:

How it Works: Step 1

The second face is the naughty face, which cheekily peeks through and makes itself obvious any time you wear the t-shirt under an open jacket or shirt. Or a cardigan, if you must:

How it Works: Step 2

There you have it. If you need things explained any further, then maybe ask a grown-up. Perhaps not grandma.


Part Two: Who’s behind this?
Cute Font is a team effort brought to you by Mr Tim Ireland and Ms Humphrey Cushion:

Hello. You may not know me, but if it makes you feel any better, I’m from the internets.

Recently, I showed Ms Cushion this silly idea I had for a t-shirt about 12 years ago. She then kept me locked in her dungeon for several weeks until I had completed the first 16 designs.

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. It was more of a ‘chained to a radiator in the basement’ deal, and Ms Cushion did some of the writing.

Ow! Ow! OW!

Okay, Okay! The lovely Ms Cushion did most of the writing.

Mr Tim Ireland

He said “You bring the smut, I’ll bring the style”, which was obviously very difficult for a shrinking violet such as myself. However, I bravely rose to the challenge, blushing at every twist & turn *cough* until I got my own way we finally agreed on our chosen designs.

I really hope you love them as much as we do and will go forth proudly wearing a Penis or Flange on your chest in as many inappropriate places as possible (pics, please!).

Ms Humphrey Cushion


Part Three: Aaand, we’re done!
What, are you still here? Go shopping!


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